In 2003, I started Cre8 East Africa. An organisation that organises art projects in East Africa for, with and by young people. To finance these projects, I needed to delve into the world of funds and sponsorship. This turned out to be much more interesting and creative than I had expected and I decided to take a course at the 3F academy. I completed this in 2012 and became a European-certified fundraiser.

Since then, I have been able to help fund a large number of projects for Cre8 East Africa thanks to contributions from funds, crowdfunding and other fundraising activities. I also set up a course for fundraisers in cultural education. Teachers in primary, secondary and special education as well as artists working with schools take this course to become more adept at fundraising themselves or establishing sponsorship relationships. I also regularly advise institutions or individual artists on writing project proposals and applications or setting up a fundraising campaign. In 2023, I will give a series of workshops on the theme of funding for amateur arts groups in the province of North Holland on behalf of PleinC.


Contact me if you are looking for advice or training on fundraising for arts education or (amateur) arts.