since 2023

PleinC, Haarlem

Senior consultant and trainer.

Developer and trainer of the training 'Financing Amateur Arts Groups'.


DOK I Cultuurhelden, Delft

Coach of the cultuurhelden team

Trainer and teacher


Landelijk Kenniscentrum voor Cultuureducatie en Amateurkunst (LKCA), Utrecht.

Developer and trainer for the basic course intermediaries arts education.


Driving Dutch Design, Amsterdam.

Workshop trainer.


CMK Hoeksche Waard

Trainer (co-teaching).



National Expertise Centre for Cultural Education and Amateur Art. (LKCA) 

Coach and supervisor of the research project for the learning community on cultural education and chronically ill children


DOK I Cultuurhelden, Delft

Designer and trainer of the programme Bekwamer voor de Klas (webinars) on diversity and inclusion and teaching art.

since 2019

Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of the Arts

Lecturer Master Musical Leadership

Developer and Teacher, Master Elective Music for an Inclusive Society


2016 - 2018

Fontys Academy of the Arts, Tilburg

Master Arts Education, first year teacher
Supervisor for second year students (masterpiece)

Het Vijfde Seizoen


Lead reflection discussions on the work of artists in residence with patients as part of a refresher course workshop for psychiatrists during and after their training. 


Since 2012


Trainer, teacher


Preparing and conducting various workshops and lessons on negotiation techniques, acquisition, product development and profiling. Target groups, artists, artist-teachers (Breitneracademie, Conservatorium Amsterdam), fashion makers (Amsterdam Fashion Week special) and designers (Driving Dutch Design programme). During and after their education.  (freelance assignments)


Since 2005

MOCCA, Amsterdam


since 2018

Senior advisor to school boards (primary, secondary and tertiary education)
Trainer Becoming, Belonging, Believing training of the Europe in Perspective programme.

2017 - 2018

Participant steering group' Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning'.
BKJ - German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning, Remscheid, BRD.



Moderator at the European Union 'Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent' in Bratislava on 12 and 13 September 2016. Trainer of the Toolbox C-zicht, process-oriented didactics for art education.
Teacher Post HBO Cultural Supervisor in collaboration with the Marnix Training Centre, Utrecht and KunstCentraal, Bunnik.
Trainer course Internal Culture Coordinator (ICC).


Since 2013

Coordinator MoccaAcademy. Responsible for the coordination development and partial implementation of the programme for training, network meetings, research and publications of Mocca.

Until 2013

  • Account manager responsible for guiding primary schools in formulating and implementing cultural education policy.
  • Co-author of the reports 'Internationalisation of Culture Education' and 'Community Arts and Culture Education'.
  • Developer of tools for fundraising, support development and project management in education.
  • Designer of and trainer in the course Fundraising in Education of the MoccaAcademy.
  • Designer and trainer of the acquisition workshop for cultural institutions and artists.
  • Organiser of the annual Culture Education in Amsterdam day for education and the cultural sector (workshops, keynotes and presentations).
  • Advisor for the internationalisation scheme of the municipality of Amsterdam.



Co-organiser of the network day on Community Arts and cultural education in cooperation with CAL-XL.



Project leader for the application within the framework of the scheme Culture Education with Quality for the municipality of Amsterdam, in cooperation with the Department of Social Development. 


Consultant for the municipality of Aalsmeer. Advice on setting up a support centre for culture education and leisure culture offerings.


Project leader for More Culture at School in cooperation with the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Since 2003

Cre8 East Africa Foundation


Initiator, organisation and project leader, trainer and teacher.

Initiating and coordinating cultural educational exchange projects in cooperation with local organisations in East Africa.


  • From 2021 Develop and implement the training programme Cre8 Masterclass in cooperation with the Change the Game Academy and YADEN East Africa. A professionalisation programme for young artists in East Africa.
  • From 2016 Trainer in the Cre8 in 8 training programme for young group leaders and young artists in East Africa (2016 Kisumu, Kenya and Gulu, Uganda, 2017/ 2018 Moshi, Tanzania, 2019 Kigali, Rwanda)
  • 2008 - 2016 Developing, designing, writing and publishing the 'Cre8 Method' a manual for cultural education and development in an international perspective, in collaboration with Sami Gathii (Netherlands/ Kenya), Alphonce Omolo (Kenya/ Tanzania) and Janneke Tigchelaar (Netherlands)
  • 2011- 2012 Engage, Educate, Xpand project. Musical theatre project with ex-child soldiers and other young war victims in Northern Uganda.
  • 2009 - 2010 Engage, Empower, Exchange project in Moshi, Tanzania. Theatre performances with 45 (ex) street children from Northern Tanzania. Series of performances in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • 2007 TripL'EX Project in Yala, Kenya. Exchange with theatre school Koperen Kees in Poeldijk, Westland.
  • 2006 The Next Step Project in Dunga, Kenya (exchange with schools in Amsterdam, Bergen op Zoom, Uitgeest and Hilversum).
  • 2003 - 2005 Research and preparation in Kenya and the Netherlands for the first project.

2004 - 2012

Foundation for Advanced Training in Creative Dance (VODD)

Strooom Foundation, Amsterdam


Business/artistic director, teacher, project leader

Managing a team of teachers (5). Defining and implementing the content, strategy and financial policy together with the team and the board. Projectleader new products.


2004 - 2014

Professional Artists in the Classroom (BIK), Amsterdam, Zwolle, Rotterdam


Teacher, member selection committee and examiner

Task: providing the lessons in project management, acquisition, preparation for professional practice and conducting selection, interim evaluation and graduation interviews. (freelance assignment).


2011- 2015

Member of the international network of experts in the field of cultural education ICE net. Co-developer of the self-assessment tool for artist-teachers, Trak4A.


2010 -2011

Mocca, Cultuur+Ondernemen


Team member for Artists in Cultural Education (AiCE) project. Development project by cultural education institutions and artists from various European countries under the leadership of Cultuur+Ondernemen, Amsterdam



2008 - 2009

Mocca & Department of Social Development, Amsterdam


Programme coordinator international culture education. Responsible for advising and guiding schools and boards of secondary education that wish to apply within the framework of the international culture education scheme of the municipality of Amsterdam. Also advisor to the municipality and the assessment committee appointed by the municipality for this scheme.



Inkr8, Amsterdam


Project leader and teacher/trainer

Setting up and partly implementing (educational) programmes that combine conflict management (mediation) training with theatre, dance and film. Developing an appropriate methodology.


Papaver studios, Amsterdam



Daily management and execution of the assignment to make the Papaver Studios a workplace for starting choreographers and dancers. 


2004 - 2005

Kunstweb, Amsterdam


Project manager

Initiating and coordinating various art education projects in educational and social institutions in Amsterdam.


CATch project, Amsterdam

Project manager and teacher


Managing (partly implementing) three art education projects for 'at risk' youth in Amsterdam, in which a welfare or educational institution cooperates with a cultural institution according to a set-up developed by CATch.


1990 - 2006



Teacher of theatre dance, creative dance, lectures on dance history, training and workshops 

in the field of dance, choreography and acting.



Ballet Club, Uitgeest


Dance teacher & artistic leader

Providing lessons and performances for six groups, 110 children, 4 to 16 years of age



Kunstweb, Amsterdam


Product manager Youth Performing Arts

Managing 40 professional teachers and project leaders of a centre for the arts (projects). Setting out and implementing content, strategic and financial policy.



Theatre Organisation for Refugee Children (TOV), Amsterdam


Project leader / choreographer / teacher

Organising, supervising and carrying out art education projects for and by children from various asylum seekers' centres in the Netherlands. Managing the teachers and volunteers team.



Kunstweb, Amsterdam


Youth dance, theatre and musical courses coordinator

Managing about 35 professional teachers and supervisors. Setting out and executing substantive, strategic and financial policies.



Kunstweb, Amsterdam


Interim head of dance department

Managing about 35 professional teachers and supervisors. Formulating and executing substantive, strategic and financial policies. Managing the merger and reorganisation process.



Centre for the Arts, 'tKlooster, Harderwijk


Coordinator dance department

Managing a team of professional teachers and supervisors. Setting out and implementing content and strategic policy.


1998- 1999

Inspectorate of Arts Education


Member of the working group to develop a new dance curriculum for centres of the arts resulting in the curriculum 'De pas er in'.


1991 - 1999

North Holland Amateur Dance Foundation


Chairman and editorial board member of 'Dans & Ballet Info', quarterly magazine for dance

dance teachers and amateur dancers in the province of North Holland.


1998 - 1999

De Kunst, the centre for amateur art in the province of North Holland.


Member of the policy advisory board.


1992 - 1996



Member of the policy advisory board world dance.


1990 - 1992

KLIM children's theatre, Amsterdam


Dancer, actor.


1985 -1990

NVIH-COC Friesland

 LHJO (national LGBT+ youth organsation)


social worker and counsellor in training.

volunteer, setting up cultural activities for LGBT+ youth groups