Art and education are the two passions in my life and career. After a career as a dancer and actor in the 1990s, I have mainly worked in various management and consultancy positions. In addition, I have dedicated myself to training and educating people from the creative industry, education and art world.  


 Work, personal fascinations and my daily life are always mixed up in my life. My work as a volunteer in Amsterdam and East Africa are directly connected to my paid work. My own personal history and story influence the choices I make for where I work and what I do and vice versa. Because I work from strongly felt commitment and passion, no day is the same and life remains challenging and inspiring.

 I studied social work and counseling at the Agogische Akademie Friesland. Then dance education in Amsterdam at the NelRoos Akademie for classical ballet and the Akademie voor Dansexpressie. I also took a course in management in the cultural sector at the Utrecht School of the Arts and became a fundraiser at the Institute for Fundraising.


A comprehensive overview of my education and experience can be found here